Hunting Advertising – Fishing Advertising

Thank you for your inquiry about advertising your hunting or fishing related business with Flyway Media. Flyway Media offers a variety of hunting advertising and fishing advertising campaigns designed to target the specific users of your outdoor related product or service.

Flyway Media has some of the fastest growing sites in the outdoor world, as the traffic has increased every month since we launced in the spring of 2002. We’ve learned how to effectively market our websites and others through many years of researching the Internet.

How do we attract customers for your products and services?

Flyway Media has a variety of outdoors websites and forums attracting thousands of potential customers to your product or service everyday. Flyway media reaches on average over a half million individual users/month, and over 10,000,000 page views/month through its online magazine and chat forums.  Unlike other types of media, our websites change every minute of every day exposing customers to your company again and again. With various print media, which are typically read once and put aside; with our websites your advertisements are put in front of the same person over and over again. The branding of your product or service is second to none. Our advertising is more effective because banner and other various ads are placed specifically to catch the attention of viewers who use your products and services.  We can also target by geographical region or keyword.  We offer target marketing at its finest. Giving you better returns on your advertising dollars.

What types of advertising are available?

Banner Ads

Hunting banner ads and fishing banner ads are the most highly used and accepted forms of Internet outdoor advertising. They are placed on a rotating basis on every page for each website. They offer great exposure and click-through ratio. We monitor the number of advertisers per rotation on each page, so you’re ensured maximum returns for your advertising dollars. We can have our graphics team create your banner if you don’t already have one for a small fee.

Banner Size – 468×60 pixels

Skyscraper and Leaderboard Ads

Skyscraper and wide ads for a great way for making a big impression. These are the largest ads we can support and can be as large as 160×600 pixels(tall and narrow) or 728×90 pixels (wide over-sized banner). While these are our most expensive form of advertising, it’s sheer size makes a BIG impression and produces are highest click-through rate. We can have our graphics team create your small ad if you don’t already have one for a small fee.

Skyscraper Ad Size – 160 x 600 pixels

Leaderboard Ad Size – 728 x 90 pixels

Box Ads

Box ads are very similar to the skyscraper/wide ads in that they are a larger size, but offer more flexibility in terms of design/layout. This is essentially the ad for when you want to create a larger impression without constraints in terms of size (width or height). We have the capability to handle a box ad on every page of our network. We can have our graphics team create your small ad if you don’t already have one for a small fee.

Box Ad Size – 300 x 250 pixels (size can be flexible for box ads) – contact us if you have any questions.

Customized Ads

Are you not sure what you want for an ad and don’t see one that interests you? Not a problem, feel free to contact us and we’ll determine the best ad for your needs. Or our graphic design department can create your own customized ad based on your specifications.

Video Ads

Video ads are the newest and the most powerful forms of fishing and hunting advertising.  Videos accomplish what text and images just can’t do, and that is providing a real showing of your product or service.  We have an enormous click-through rate for our online hunting and fishing videos, and the success has been verbalized by our clients using this technology.  Don’t have a video?  Our media team can produce a video for you, contact us for a consultation.

Product/Service Review (Advertorial)

These reviews are great investments if you’re looking for long term returns on your advertising dollar. These reviews will be one of the main focuses on the homepage of each particular site you choose. Not only will they bring immediate returns, but the web page featuring your product or service will be optimized for long-term search engine performance. Long after the article is first posted, potential Internet user’s will still find your advertisement when searching for your niche prooduct or service. Our websites are optimized for some of the best performance you’ll find in the outdoor industry.

Advertising media’s have performed user surveys and recent studies show that editor/product suggestions and reviews offer some of the most reliable sales in advertising. When the review is tailored to the needs and interest of the reader – it’s just the confidence they are looking for. We do request a product sample when doing reviews – WE WILL NOT PROMOTE JUST ANY PRODUCT, it needs to be a useful and practical tool for the outdoors.

Hunting Advertising Websites – Fishing Advertising Websites

The following websites are in our network and currently have advertising options available:

Nodak Outdoors launched in 2002 and is one of our larger sites in Flyway Media. We add new articles, how-to’s, contests and giveaways, and new features and information for our members and visitors to enjoy each and every month. Nodak Outdoors is an E-zine, an online magazine that changes monthly with the seasons. We cover all forms of hunting and fishing such as Big Game, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing, Ice Fishing, Predators and more. If your niche is season specific, we can taylor your advertising campaign for the best exposure. Traffic for Nodak Outdoors has averaged over 350,000 visitors/month and 1,800,000 page views/month in 2010. Our traffic year over year has grown 21% on average, every year since Nodak Outdoors was launched. A great place for hunting advertising or fishing advertising. is currently our fastest growing website in Flyway Media with a 23% yearly growth since 2003. Duck Hunting Chat is a waterfowl E-zine designed for waterfowl hunting enthusiasts from all across the United States and Canada. DHC offers something for every waterfowler and in an extremely friendly and informative environment. We have vast articles, videos, photos, and forums that are also broken down by state and province. A great niche for waterfowlers and hunters, and a great place to advertising your hunting business.  Traffic for Duck Hunting Chat has averaged just over 380,000 visitors/month and 2,900,000 page views/month in 2010.  With the growth of the site in both members and features, it offers so many ways to advertise and reach waterfowlers. This is waterfowl hunting advertising at it’s finest. is a big game E-zine designed for big game and deer hunting enthusiasts. With a recent upgrade, the site offers new features including interactive articles and videos for users.  This has created a wider array of options to advertise and hit your target market.  The forums are available for whitetail, mule deer, moose, elk, and bear; and also broken down by interest for bow, rifle, muzzleloader, and shotgun hunting. Deer Hunting Chat members can also visit state forums and canadian province forums to discuss issues, reports, and pass on tips directly related to their area.  Traffic for Deer Hunting Chat has averaged just over 50,000 visitors/month and 250,000 page views/month in 2010, a 19% growth over 2009.  Check out how our deer hunting advertising can work for you. is an international online E-zine designed for goose hunting enthusiasts from across the United States and Canada. With a recent upgrade, the site offers new features including interactive articles and videos for goose hunters.  This has created a wider array of options to advertise and hit your target waterfowl market.  Goose Hunting Chat offers hunting forums featuring canada geese, snow geese, whitefronts, field and water goose hunting, gear, decoys, goose calling, and goose hunting in Canada and all 50 states.  Traffic for Goose Hunting Chat has averaged just over 40,000 visitors/month and 200,000 page views/month in 2010, a 17% growth over 2009.  Check out how our goose hunting advertising can work for you. is an online Z-zine for ice fishing enthusiasts. Ice Fishing Chat offers articles, videos, ice fishing tips, information on ice houses, and ice fishing classifieds. has state/province forums for all hardwater fishing areas in the US and in Canada.  Our users can interact and share the sport of ice fishing better than any other ice fishing site. has become a great place for advertising fishing guides, products, and everything ice fishing.  Traffic for Ice Fishing Chat has averaged just over 35,000 visitors/month and 200,000 page views/month in 2010, a 19% growth over 2009.  Check out how our ice fishing advertising can work for you.

Outdoor Live TV is one of the newest creations of Flyway Media, offering 100% LIVE hunting and fishing experiences.  You never know where the cameras will take you whether it’s in the fishing boat, in the goose or duck blind, or in the treestand.  Move over Reality TV, this is as real as it gets!  All of our outings are archived in the video gallery so you can watch highlights of what you missed.  Outdoor Live TV offers advertising that is stronger than your average website, as the average visit watching our live stream is over 9 minutes in length.  What this means is a LONG time for your ad to stand out to our user, higher exponentially then any other website.  This is the site to watch and be a part of. is growing fast to become THE resource for outdoorsmen and women who are looking for something different for your favorite game or fish. We’re offering a wide variety of ways to display our recipes, including many video recipes so you can see it prepared in action.  Traffic for Game and Fish Recipes has averaged just over 30,000 visitors/month and 180,000 page views/month in 2010, a 18% growth over 2009.   A very cost effective way to reach a unique market.

Reel Fishing Chat is one of our newest fishing websites designed and positioned to be the leader in the freshwater and saltwater industry.  This fishing website updates almost daily with new articles, videos, and a popular fishing forum.  With our years of experience, we’ve been able to learn how to grow a site fast and give our members what they want.

Turkey Hunting Chat is an online turkey hunting website designed for turkey hunters everywhere.  There are very few dedicated turkey hunting websites in the industry, and we aim to be the best.  We have a wide selection of turkey hunting articles as well as a popular turkey hunting forum featuring everything from gear to tips.  This is surely one website to watch as it grows at a rapid pace.

Gun Dog Guide is one of our newest hunting dog websites featuring information on all types of hunting breeds.  We have in depth articles as well as videos to help train your best friend.  We also feature a forum on all types of hunting dog information.  There isn’t a hunting dog website on the market that successfully brings all breeds together and we aim to bring that to the forefront.